There are many variations of video poker games that people can play online casinos, but Jacks or Better remains the most popular one. You need to decide which cards to hold and which to throw away, and many think that instinct and luck are enough to win on the long run, but strategy is what makes the difference. The name is self-explanatory and in order to win you need to hold at least two jacks, with the payouts being more generous as the strength of your hand increases.

Know the cards that need to be discarded

A rule of the thumb states that unless you receive at least a card that is above 10, you should discard all of them and hope that your fortunes will change. The same rule applies in those cases when you need to hit two cards of the same color to make your flush or two connected ones to turn your worthless hand into a straight. It is better to discard all five cards and hope that the high pair will hit, than hope for your flush or straight draw to turn into a winner.

On those occasions when you need two cards to make a straight flush it is worth ignoring the aforementioned rule and discard the two cards. If you have one high card and four low ones, discard the latter and wait for the high card to be paired by the next board. A similar strategy should be employed in those cases when you receive two suited high cards, as these should be kept at the expense of others. It is much easier when you have one or two pairs already, because all you need to do is to keep them and abandon the other cards.

The best solution for debatable situations

It is obvious that if you hold a low pair you should go for the three of a kind while the high cards should be kept when the other four are rubbish. The question is what should be done when you get both the low pair and the high card, and many choose the wrong solution by aiming for two pairs. The right course of action is to discard all three cards including the high one, to maximize your chances of getting three of a kind. The payout is better and in the long run you will make more money using this strategy.

Another mistake that many beginners commit is to keep all three high cards when the board presents them alongside two smaller ones. The right approach is to preserve the two cards that shared the same suit or if all three of them are different, stick to the consecutive ones. You have a better chance to make a hand by throwing away three cards and the only exception to the rule is when the three high cards that you’ve been dealt are consecutive or have the same color.


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